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Our true passion for Jensens makes us the perfect choice if you're looking to keep your wonderful car running smoothly, or to return it to its former glory.

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Jensen parts, sales, restoration and trimming services

Rejen Sales was founded on one man's passion for Jensens, a passion he now puts in to keeping these wonderful cars running smoothly and helping lucky owners maintain them.

Our specialist Jensen parts, servicing and sales company was started in 1991 by Jason Lawrence following his own restoration of a Jensen GT .

Although we initially focused on Healeys and GTs, Rejen grew to encompass every model from the 541 through to the S-V8. In 2000, we bought Medway Interceptors and ex dealership stocks, and from 2003 onwards Rejen purchased the SV-8 items.

  • Over the counter and mail order spares sales
  • Workshop that handles specialised Jensen servicing, restoration and trimming
  • More than 25 years' experience working with Jensen, giving us an unmatched knowledge
  • A stock of memorabilia items for sale

We are always happy to offer advice and information to our customers, so feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance.