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These interesting but increasingly rare car are a great choice for classic car lovers, and are Rejen's speciality. 

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This range of rare, interesting and charming cars is where Rejen all began - the company was initially set up to restore Healeys and GT's.

Healeys and GT's are the perfect solution to people seeking exciting classic motoring at an affordable price (they are capable of around 30mpg).

These cars are becoming rarer, and we are keen to use our knowledge of the models to help owners maintain and improve their cars.

We can supply an extensive range of parts for these cars including reconditioned wheels, interior trim kits, rubber seal kits, bodywork, glass and all engine parts.

And because Rejen was started with these models in mind, we have restored a number of these cars to concours winning condition and have a very detailed knowledge to offer our customers.

An area of special interest is the interior trim - we can supply beautifully crafted leather inserts to replace the ailing vinyl or cord on the seats, as well as complete trim kits.