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The Jensen S-V8 was released to much acclaim, but the initial factory folded after production of just 25.

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The 1998 British Motor Show saw the launch of the acclaimed Jensen S-V8, a car that then spent two years in development and racked up 400 pre-orders.

By 2001, production at the Speke factory was underway and dealers began recieving the first cars. Approximately 25 cars were built at Speke until July 2002, when the business sadly folded.

In 2003, SV Automotive purchased the remaining cars and parts. Rejen also began purchasing all remaining S-V8 parts and tooling from suppliers before they were scrapped.

In 2005, Rejen purchased all the remaining stock of parts, bodyshells, tooling and records after SV Automotive had succesfully finished off around 10 cars.

Rejen now offers a number of upgrades to the S-V8, from chassis and cradle strengthening, secondary bonnet supports, roof and door modifications, carpet sets, steering column bulkhead gaiters, leather steering cowls, rear wheelarch seals and general servicing.

We also have an excellent stock of parts with every thing available and the peace of mind knowing that as parts run out we can manufacture them from the origonal factory technical drawings. Please give us a call if you need any assistance with any aspect of the S-V8.